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by | Sep 18, 2014 | Financial Advisor

Tax day. It might be one day a year for some, but for you and many professionals like you, taxes are an integral part of your job, all year long. As part of your dealing with the many aspects of taxes, your state or your company may require that you participate in tax continuing professional education courses (CPE). Even if tax CPE courses aren’t mandatory, you may still view them as a smart way for you to get a leg up in your competitive field, be it on your certifications and credentials, or just to expand your knowledge base. If you fall into one or all of these categories, then tax CPE courses from CPE Think are exactly what you’re looking for.

You Need the Courses, but You Are So Busy

Required or not, you don’t have the time for your continuing professional education to take place in a classroom. That is far too inconvenient for your busy lifestyle. Thankfully, CPEThink.com has made the CPE classroom obsolete. The solution: self-study courses online. To get high-quality tax CPE courses, look no further than the comfort of your own home.

CPEThink.com was created by professionals, for professionals. Each of the many tax courses in our large course catalog was designed by an industry leader with quality, accessibility, ease-of-use and affordability in mind. Our courses meet or exceed all state and industry standards, and to reflect the continuously changing tax landscape. Our course modules are updated frequently, taking into account the newest rules and regulations, so you know you’ll be getting the best and most relevant information, no matter which course you choose.

I’ve Had a Bad Online Experience Before

It’s true. Some websites offer poor-quality online courses that are slow, meandering, and crash in the middle of an exam. Not CPEThink.com. We utilize mirrored servers, which means no crashes, and our servers are just one hop from both Sprint and MCI’s internet backbones. What does that mean for you? Speed. No matter where you are.

With CPEThink.com your exam scores will stay active in our system for five years, giving you the ability to keep track of the courses you’ve taken. Because we believe so much in the quality of experience that we provide to our customers, we offer a money back guarantee.
To browse our course catalog online, head to our website at CPEThink.com or give us a call at 888-273-0273.