Holidays are Approaching and You Need Cash Now

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Financial Services

The holidays are approaching fast and you need cash now not later. You are like most other people who love to get in on all those holiday savings and sales. What you adore more is seeing the reaction of your loved one opening the gift you got them. You may even be tempted to try and take out a loan from a bank or max out a credit card, but why do those when eventually it will cause you mayhem later on when you receive your statement and see the high interest fees you now owe. Perhaps, this year you try a different route such as asset loans in Dallas.

Get Money You Need with Your Assets

If you have collectables, fine art, jewelry or vintage pieces in your home then you can receive the money you need. The first step will be taking your asset to the loan company so one of their experts can look at it and give you a free appraisal. The price they offer you will be the most competitive price for the asset you gave them, and they will work hard in making sure it is the best and highest price for your asset. If you are happy with the quote they gave you then your funds will be deposited into your account the same day. When the paperwork has been completed the expert will go over with you the payment plan and you will see the interest rate is low and there are no hidden fees or cost. The final step will be making a monthly payment on your private asset loan and once it is paid off you will get your asset back.

Loan Company Provides Exceptional Customer Service

Their main goal is for you to be satisfied and happy with the money you receive for your asset and the service they provide for you when you are there. In order to achieve that they have a team of experts who can discuss asset loan options for you. This is another way to keep you happy and they want you feel secure and trust them. If you would like more information about loans contact Private Asset Loans today by visiting their website.