What Happens if You Miss a Court Hearing While Released on a Bail Bond

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Financial Advisor

When you’ve been released from jail on a bond, there are certain rules that you must follow according to the bond. These rules include making sure that you, or your legal representative in some cases, attends all hearings related to your case. In the even that you don’t go to one or more of your hearings, the penalties can include having to pay the full amount of the bond, losing collateral that was used for the bond, and having a bench warrant put out for your arrest. Whether your family member has to pay the full amount of the bond or lose their collateral depends on what was used to secure the bond.

Full Bail Amount

One of the ways you can secure a bond is by having a family member put down a percentage of the full bail amount. When you do not show up for your hearings, the bondsman is out the money that he used to pay for the bail. This means that the contract is no longer valid, and the family member who secured your bond will be required to pay the remaining percentage for the Bail Bond.


If your family member gave collateral to secure your bond, they will lose their collateral if you do not go to your hearings. Since collateral is usually in the form of a title to a car, home, or other large item, this can be a very serious problem for the person who secured the bond.

Bench Warrant

When you miss your hearings, you will have violated the terms of your bail and so a bench warrant is issued for your arrest. This means that if an officer stops you or finds you at home you will be arrested and you will have to return to jail until your hearings are complete.

Once you know the problems that can occur if you do not follow the terms of you bond, you can make the decision of whether or not you want to secure a Bail Bond so you can be released. If you do, a bondsman from a company like Bond James Bond Inc. will be able to help a family member or friend of yours secure the bond for your release. Follow us on Facebook!