What You Need to Know About Personal Accounting

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Financial Counselor

The banking sector has grown in limps and bounds in the past few years. However, most people with bank accounts usually have troubles keeping track of their accounts. Most rely on the periodic information availed to them by the banks to keep track of their accounts. This form of accounting is referred to as Personal Accounting. The long wait for the bank statements makes banking a tedious process. The good news is that things should no longer be that way thanks to the new technology. Today, the internet has made online banking services real. It is now possible for one to do his personal accounting on a daily basis.

Online banking services are faster, easier and timely. You can now get real-time feedback about your account details whenever they change. Whenever you carry out any ATM transactions, and any kind of transaction including even those credits that you have not noted, your digital checkbook will automatically note them. The checkbook will even note every automatic deposit, electronic deposits or any refunds. This will be of great benefit to those who are busy in keeping records of interest earned.

Owing to all these accurate records of all transactions, every error that has been occasioned either by you or by the bank can be easily traced

Many a times many people will dread filling the annual federal income tax returns and, therefore, most of them will tend to use a CPA to perform their returns while others will try to do it themselves. They include:


Income stands for the overall amount that you get either from a job or from owning property or assets without any specified deduction deductions from the income taxes.

Standard deductions

These deductions are those that are deducted due to personal expenditures or may be business expenses that lead to a reduction in the amount of taxable income.

Personal exemptions

Personal exemptions stand for the certain portion of your income that is excused from tax.

Taxable income

Taxable income is the amount of your earnings that is subjected to taxation after personal exemption and deductions.

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